Finding Little Inspirations Towards Perpetual Motion


I am an avid, but moderate cyclist. Perhaps, I should reconsider this title. During the summer, my bicycle logs nearly fifteen miles daily. To some that may seem too little to call myself a “moderate cyclist”, but it’s not the miles, the distance, or the speed. The adrenalin and rush of enzymes drives an inner exhilaration that nothing else replaces. In those moments of exhilaration, I am stress-free and empowered by what feels like perpetual motion!

This perpetual motion led me to an off-the-beaten-path street where lodged in the ground seemed to be a beautiful mailbox, until I could nearly touch it. This was more beautiful than a mailbox, but with the closely related intent of delivering words, sentences, and meaning to an audience, however, an undetermined audience. And, in the next twenty-four hours, I found three more Little Free Libraries. Photographing the last out-of-my-neck-of-the-woods library, I could hear the inspiration I longed.

The consideration of committing to a Library Science program complete. Arriving home, I admired the courses, read the requirements, and tapped the application until “complete.”  Exhilarated, pumped with excitement, and set into motion a new off-the-beaten-path journey in education begins. I am an avid, but life-long learner prepared to experience the joys, the exhilaration, the empowerment of what perpetual motion in education carries.



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