Reviewing That Not-So-Average Monday


Wow, today marks more than the halfway point.The more than halfway mark to through the week, to the next week, or to completion of the last week. Just a blink ago, I sat mulling the words I wanted to share describing the eager anticipation as a new adventure begins.

My mind swirling with excitement, I was contacted Monday regarding the specifics of the “online course” procedures. Dancing between the connecting process, preparing three children for upcoming college departures, the reality of registering for the class, and the required “New Teacher” curriculum training necessary on that day, I questioned my decision making skills. Had I decided to take on one too many changes in this month?

As the clock struck five, like Cinderella leaving the ball barely looking back, I exited the kitchen, deserted my children, and I planted myself directly behind a screen that would connect me to eleven or so other climbers, adventurers, learners, and ultimately, to an opportunity that may enhance my future. Diligently, I challenged myself to access the correct blackboard, to test the audio, and to assess the connection. It would take the help of one not-as-technology-immigrant friend to help follow the directions and locate all “clicks’ and “buttons” and complete the process. A celebration of nearly dancing occurred when I could see my name listed with the others in our class seating chart.

Then it happened. A sudden calm entered the room. Photos of soon-to-be friends and colleagues stared back at me, and listening attentively, I began testing the waters of online participation with words, gestures, checks, and sidebar chats. (Should I admit that? I mean, it’s a little like passing notes in class.) With the arrival a certain Serenity, Overwhelmed exited, and I began the real process of becoming a school librarian teacher.


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