Careers Made with a Beep-Beep, Honk-Honk, Toot-toot…Blowing The Horn for Fine Books!

After riding my bicycle to to local library and finding the darkened “open” sign and locked doors, i returned home to access The Horn Book’s wonderfully engaging world online.  Upon entering, I noticed the old-fashioned, black and  white illustration and an not-so-understated invitation, “Independent, opinionated, and stylish, The Horn Book Magazine has long been essential… Continue reading Careers Made with a Beep-Beep, Honk-Honk, Toot-toot…Blowing The Horn for Fine Books! … Hmmm, what will this little corner bring?

Well, I ventured out of that comfort zone again this week to explore the wiki platform available at Looking at some other uses for wikis, I was quite excited at the prospect of this particular corner of technology. I don’t know what I expected, but after I clicked, “join,” underwhelmed exaggerates my response. The… Continue reading … Hmmm, what will this little corner bring?

VOYA – Voice of Youth Advocates

I struggle as I write this wondering, is it because I teach second grade? Is it because I prefer a picture book? Or, because I can find the theme and message behind the words of a picture book or create and literacy lesson from the opening of a picture book” So, like any unfulfilled learner,… Continue reading VOYA – Voice of Youth Advocates

Blog Reading – Woot, Woot!

There was a point in my lifetime when researching any topic was limited by my proximity to the resources. Driving to one library or another library to locate a specific title, a novel, primary sources, a newspaper article, or a professional journal’s latest findings. Through technological advances a new researching technique emerged in which information… Continue reading Blog Reading – Woot, Woot!

Digging into School Library Journal

School Library Journal’s vast array of resources and interesting articles captured my attention such that I have found myself wandering back to explore other areas. Working my way across the centered menu, I found applicable topics under each category. This resource promises to offer me a wealth of information as I begin constructing ideas to… Continue reading Digging into School Library Journal