Tech Tracker – I’ve Come a Long Way, Baby


One day of tracking technology — I am so surprised by the amount of technology I used one Thursday in October. It’s especially surprising because the electricity at school went out and the AT&T connection at home was broken for 7 hours. No matter, Izzie had a paper to complete, Owen had a document to finish, and I wanted to create a lesson using Prezi or Book Creator. We found friends who offered to take us in under their internet-functioning roof! Thank you!

As I considered the categorical purpose for accessing this technology, the conundrums danced in my head. Was I productively completing a list of specific tasks or was I enjoying independent, 1:1, entertainment? My worlds …mother, teacher, student,  friend, daughter, colleague, personal shopper, creator, writer, cyclist, reader…collide. Each task cannot be individually defined as productive or entertainment. When I am being productive, I find it quite entertaining. There are times when I open a tool; iPhone, iPad, PC, Mac, with a specific, very particular intent and as that hour of intent and completion passes, I surrender to a diverted path discovering a new opportunity to learn, share, create, or experience.  As a member of the X-Generation who talked on a donut-shaped rotary dial telephone for hours, my traditional world entwines with generations of technology natives who inspire, guide, and navigate this immigrant through exciting changes as the rotary led the way for touch-tone.


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