You’ve Got Mail

ISLMA – Net Email List Experience Within about 24 hours of listing my email with ISMLANET-listserve, my mailbox bounced with activity! I couldn’t help being reminded of AOL’s digitized voice of the late 80’s, “You’ve Got Mail.” Just like any young school girl checking her Instagram for “likes” and her Twitter feed for favorites, the… Continue reading You’ve Got Mail

Superhero iMovie, School Library Monthly, Empowering Resources

  It started like any other review of resource, as any great reader, I clicked on the highlighted articles first! Celebrating 30 years of monthly service, writing, and reading, School Library Monthly’s listing of approaching the magazine and website led me through my visit.  I approached this very methodically in checklist fashion. Clicking on each… Continue reading Superhero iMovie, School Library Monthly, Empowering Resources

An EMAZE-ing Presentation Fun

Presented with a project to report on a hour library visit, I took the time to explore this new web tool, Emaze. This “Prezi“-like tool was easy to manipulate, provided substantial templates, offered unlimited support, and allowed me to create a professional-looking presentation. Emaze’s library of completed presentations inspire new users to create individualized presentations or borrow… Continue reading An EMAZE-ing Presentation Fun

Picture Book Month and Padlet

I am pretty excited about including parents, students, reading, and technology at home! The following is a copy of my teacher web post at school! I am looking forward to learning many new titles! Picture Book Month is an international literacy initiative that celebrates the print picture book during the month of November. How many of you still… Continue reading Picture Book Month and Padlet

The Ease of Turning the Silver Key

Imagine the glass building stretching to the sky, not unlike the elevator Sophie rides to enter the North Pole after receiving an invitation from her Auntie Claus.Yes, Auntie Claus offers Sophie a silver key, and with a turn, an elevator thrusts Sophie towards the North Pole. Auntie Claus is a must read as the holidays roll… Continue reading The Ease of Turning the Silver Key