Superhero iMovie, School Library Monthly, Empowering Resources

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It started like any other review of resource, as any great reader, I clicked on the highlighted articles first! Celebrating 30 years of monthly service, writing, and reading, School Library Monthly’s listing of approaching the magazine and website led me through my visit.  I approached this very methodically in checklist fashion. Clicking on each link I managed to make my way through several opportunities to learn and network with library professionals. SLM offers a blog, twitter channel, e-newsletter, and engaging articles.

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When complete, I found myself caught in one particular article that led me to several exceptional resources! As a teacher and future librarian, I am often asked to suggest books for children. It’s as if there should be a book that is a perfect fit for all. Ah, that is not the case. With authors as diverse as classrooms, choosing the perfect book takes skill, thought, and extensive  knowledge of reader and literature.

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 The article details questions to ask young and older readers when determining the suggestion of a book. In addition to questioning,Carolyn S. Brodie, Ph.D., professor at Kent State University, listed several resources to access help! Following the resources, I enjoyed The New York Time’s list of favorite picture books.Two long-time favorite authors drew particular interest, The Promise by Nicola Davies and The Baby Tree by Sophie Blackall.

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Locating the Children’s Book-A-Day online almanac, I became mesmerized by the biography and love story of Molly Bannaky.

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A provided “Read-alike” list allows readers to search for book similar to previously read materials. New York’s Public Library website supplies internet users with a fabulous book lists. For children, Charlotte Mecklenburg’s Library’s user friendly Book Hive encourages independence with the ability to access new titles of interest!

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So enthralled with the empowerment of finding fabulous literature and feeling like a super force, I chose to combine highlights of School Library Monthly with the iMovie trailer app to create a SUPER movie!

I encourage the super inside of you to explore the School Library Monthly and see what empowerment lies in you.


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