Setting a Table

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I’m filling a table a little different than my Thanksgiving feast, but excited to serve, share, and give thanks just the same. My table setting begins with my children; there are four of them. If I listed the wonderful characteristics each have, I’d only have one seat left for my dream team. So, my kids and I share one seat on the team.


Truth be told, we are happiest building memories in small places. Here are the others individuals that I’d invite to my table of plenty …


Stacy Gross – biggest cheerleader ever – sisters separated at birth! Stacy and I began working together 8 years ago. We shared a deep interest in picture books and using literature to teach in all subject areas. Our relationship grew when we earned our masters from Judson University. As our children grew, we read with them, listened to recorded books, and visited book stores and libraries together. While we are cities away this year, she remains my “go-to” for all educational conversations, debates, and professional development. Together, we will ask questions and find answers. I need her on my team.

Beth Anderson – The current librarian at North Elementary School. She is knowledgable, truthful, kind-minded, and committed. She knows the demographics, the specifics of our school, and as a Crystal Lake life-long resident, her experience in our district is unparalleled. Challenged with scheduling classes doesn’t hinder Beth’s desire to collaborate with teachers, as she uses email and free periods to maintain conversations with staff members. During class times, she takes time to individuals when making book choices, but her organization and management skills run a library less than chaotic.

Terri Jacobsen – District 47 Librarian – I briefly met Terri at a district tech conference las summer. I began following her on Twitter. Seemingly, we share some of the same values and interest in technology use in the library-media center. Clearly, she is interested in keeping her library updated with materials and current technology. I peruse her website to learn about the neighboring schools. I notice that sheIf hired in District 47, I would reach out to her in hopes of adding her to my list of contacts.

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My Twitter Feed  – Most importantly: Mr. Schu, Colby Sharp, Shannon Miller – Since deciding to begin studying librarianship, I found these three knowledgable individuals. They are active parents, bloggers, teachers, teacher-librarians, and advocates. They share knowledge of technology and traditional literacy activities. Through them, I am connected to great literature, authors, and experiences! I subscribe to their blogs, follow them on twitter, and mention their expertise frequently. They are leaders in the field and I learn from them.

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ISU and Judson Colleagues – How lucky/blessed am I to have such knowledgable driven women in my life? These women, librarians, professors, and teachers offer an array of expertise that is unequaled. Without a doubt, as I move forward in my journey, I want them in my suitcase. As I return to the Judson classmates for literacy information and guidance, I intend to maintain a reciprocal relationship with my librarianship colleagues.

With the invitation list complete, I decide to set a few extra plates. I’m pleased to open my table because there is always much to share and time for thanks. Happy Thanksgiving!


One thought on “Setting a Table

  1. I am honored to be at your table ( not on your table as Turkey would say in Eve Bunting’s A Turkey for Thanksgiving)😄 I will always be your biggest fan and cheerleader! May we always be sisters and each other’s go-to person to discuss books and educational issues!

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