Touched by an Angel


December is not the only time that I am reminded of the presence of God and goodness. But on that one December day just a few years ago, I needed a reminder of my worthiness, my opportunities to be faithful, and of the power of giving time, energy, and love. Sharing the story fills me with more faith and hope than the day I experienced my brush with an angel. Enjoy.


At noon I texted Stacy, “I am having the hardest time holding back tears, but I don’t know why.” I wandered Trader Joe’s, walked Walmart, and stopped for a prayer at church. I am so blessed I could only whisper, “Thank you… children, friends, family, and experiences.” Quietly, I knelt before Mary and lit a candle as tears meandered down my cheek. Heavily weighted, I text, “This sadness is overtaking me.”

Lonely December sadness was closing in as the car pulled me to Your Best Friend’s Closet where I found the most beautiful skirt…but needed help with the accompaniments…wonderful women danced through that store handing me a little of this and a little of that. I felt like a Barbie doll…I felt beautiful…one of the women took special care in words…she was a kindred spirit of sorts…she brought me a pair of boots that would be perfect…they were a-little-out-of-my-price range boots…but amazing! As I gathered the items I would be purchasing I tapped them and said, “not this week.”

Still wandering, I heard the bells ring as my new-found friend was leaving, but she turned down the aisle. She said, “Merry Christmas, Jacqui Ploof Murk,” and handed me a package… the boots. Tears streamed down my cheeks…Valerie left. As I collected my thoughts trying to pay for the rest of my items, Mariann explained that my shopping experience was taken care of that day. She continued, “Valerie says she chooses one person every year. This year, you were chosen.” I was “chosen” and touched by an angel yesterday …

The boots are beautiful, but nothing compares to the kindred spirit and the reminder of kindness I’ll feel each time I wear them.




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