Spring Break Anderson Bookshop Paradise!

Together we managed to park in front of the local library and briskly walked to our favorite Chicagoland pizza place. After an afternoon at Aurora Paramount theater’s breathtaking Les Miserables, we were hungry and excited to be visiting our favorite bookshop and meeting an amazing author, Katherine Applegate!

Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 8.16.49 PM

We munched on the amazing Malnati Salad – definitely qualifies as one of the best, Portillo’s chopped is fabulous — but family style Malnati does romaine lettuce, tomatoes, black olives, mushrooms, volpi salami bits, gorgonzola cheese, romano cheese with a sweet Vinaigrette like no other! YUM! Pizza soon followed and tantalized our tastebuds – it was the perfect beginning to our evening!


In no time at all, we were among the crowds waiting for Katherine Applegate to arrive. Actually, I caught a glimpse of her with Becky Anderson taping their segment for Authors Revealed. Star-struckness occurs suddenly and unexpectedly. Glazed over and silent, my brain and my voice would not connect! Never the less, we wandered to the front and set up our picnic area awaiting The One and Only Ivan author!

That’s when I saw the tweet that the one and only Mr. Schu Reads was in the house!! With all my courage holding tight, I calmly – I like to think I was calm. I calmly asked to make sure that I would actually meet him, The Mr. Schu Reads, @mrschureads, #sharpschu, “Are you Mr. Schu?” With such humbleness, he assured me he was. I explained that I followed him and admired his work as an elementary librarian, book reader, and blog author. If you have not checked him out, you should — no pun intended — well, a little pun – Check this Librarian Out!! IMG_5759

Katherine Applegate welcomed her young … and older fans. She answered questions about Ivan, Bob, Stella, Julia, and Ruby. She explained the process of choosing fictional characters to accentuate her factually-based story. She was patient, compassionate, and thorough. Just amazing!IMG_5754

“Some of you will be writers, otherwise you wouldn’t be here tonight.” – KAIMG_5756

“If I was going to be a bad waitress, I might as well be a bad author.” – KA


“Sometimes, I write whole books in 3 different perspectives before choosing the one I like best.” – KA

Highlights of the evening included laughing with Katherine Applegate and thinking in awe that she made the perfect “perspective” choice when she became the voice of Ivan. She asked me, “Are you a writer?” I explained that I was just a teacher. I can’t remember her exact words,

“Well, one day you may be.” Huh? Wouldn’t that be something?!


Mr. Schu and Katherine Applegate – The perfect pair in my spring break paradise!   


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