Global Read Aloud and Commenting

Today we began practicing for next week’s new adventure, The Global Read Aloud! This summer I met the creator of The Global Read Aloud, and she, Pernille Ripp motivated me to be a better literacy teacher everyday! She inspired me to join the tribe of students and teachers! Therefore, we will be participating in a blog with third and fourth graders around the world.

Check out the MAP

In order to prepare, we have been reading and commenting on our Seesaw Journal. I hope you have been enjoying it!! Today, our Kooga Mooga, Nicholas created a Seesaw journal entry for art with Mrs. Kilhoffer!Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 7.17.20 PM

 To prepare for global blogging we watched a video created by Mrs. Yollis’s class from California. This special young learner decided to take notes while we were watching a video about commenting on our blog!

IMG_7329 copy

IMG_7329 (1)

  • always be nice, positive, and specific when commenting
  • always use one exclamation point. If you want to show more excitement, use more words, not exclamation points.

There are a few more guidelines. This video created by Mrs. Yollis’s third graders is quite impressive and a fabulous way to continue the talk of digital citizenship!

In just 11 days we begin our adventure of The Global Read Aloud!



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