Hanging Out Discussing #GRA15FIAT

The volume in the room doubled with excitement when an unfamiliar ring interrupted our discussion. Hands lifted, feet danced, and bodies shook and I heard, “It’s them!” I had just finished telling them that we would meet of #GRA15FIAT today through the computer. They sat somewhat bewildered, but these technology natives know FaceTime and Skype. Even… Continue reading Hanging Out Discussing #GRA15FIAT

#GRA15 – FIAT Fish in a Tree

We have been embarking on quite an opportunity! Together with Mrs. Michelau, we have joined 500,000 other students around the globe to read together! Together we will enjoy, Fish in a Tree, the story of Ally who will, with the help of two friends and a gifted teacher, find her way. Last week, we prepared by learning… Continue reading #GRA15 – FIAT Fish in a Tree