#GRA FIAT Week One

Together with so many other students and teachers, we had a wonderful week celebrating the first eight chapters of Fish In A Tree. As previously said, our week began with a message from Mrs. Gross on Voxer and a video of Lynda Mullaly-Hunt . She told us when her students would be reading the first chapter. Unfortunately, we didn’t touch base very much because her class had very busy last week with both a field trip and an institute day on Friday. However, we did comment on their wonderings 

and created two posts for our WriteAbout.com group, Wonderful Writers=306+33.

Our interaction began with we introductions in which we chose a hat to wear. This hat had to tell something about you. Here are a few examples of clever students’ work.

Some discouragement occurred when we realized that our posts hadn’t received comments. However, that did not stop us! We plodded on, wrote more, read more, and responded to our friends! 

Students excitedly read and responded until our time with Mrs. Michelau ended.  

We continued reading Fish in a Tree learning more about Ally everyday. At first, we learned that Ally caused trouble in her classes. She spent a lot of time with the principal, Mrs. Silver. As we listened longer, things became more clear. Ally felt like an outsider. Like a “fish in a tree,” she felt like she didn’t belong. We discussed times we when felt like “a giraffe in a terrarium” and created a poster of different ways to say, “Fish in a Tree.” 

Surprisingly, Ally attended seven schools in seven years before she started at her current school. Her dad is deployed, and she has a secret that she refuses to tell. Ally cannot read. 

We have met a host of characters. Shay and her sidekick, Jessie, never waste an opportunity to hurt Ally’s feelings. Travis, Ally’s brother, struggles in school, but works as a mechanic and enjoys building things. Ally’s mom works as a waitress and encourages Ally to try harder and make friends. Ally reminds her mom of a dream to own a llama. What does a llama have to do with Ally making friends? Ask you child to find out.  

Lucky for Ally, she has support needed to make herself better, if she would just be honest with the people who love her. 

On chapter, Travis encourages Ally to have high expectations, and after his “silver-dollar day” Ally doesn’t want to let him down. We talked about “Silver Dollar Days” and posted them here: 

We finished our week watching and listening to Lynda Mullaly-Hunt read us chapter 8 and answer questions. You can watch by clicking the picture or just admire that some of our students reading their copy of Fish in a Tree along with the author!’

 Next week, Mr. Daniels will substitute teach for Ally’s expecting teacher. All of us hope that Mr. Daniels will make a difference to Ally! 


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