Hanging Out Discussing #GRA15FIAT


The volume in the room doubled with excitement when an unfamiliar ring interrupted our discussion. Hands lifted, feet danced, and bodies shook and I heard, “It’s them!”

I had just finished telling them that we would meet of #GRA15FIAT today through the computer. They sat somewhat bewildered, but these technology natives know FaceTime and Skype. Even with a healthy familiarity with technology, the jingle of the computer elicited an enthusiastic roar!

You see, we have been reading Lynda Mullaly-Hunt’s engaging novel, Fish in a Tree, for several weeks.  Mullaly-Hunt involves the students through reading aloud, providing videos, and offering challenges. This top-notch author has committed to the Global Read Aloud.

FIAT cover PIC

Now, experts on each character every student felt capable and involved as we prepared to ask and answer questions relating to #GRA15FIAT novel, Fish in a Tree. When I answered the computer, the students gazed at Mrs. Gross, waved at the camera, and giggled together. Mrs. Gross introduced herself, and we got the ball rolling. 


One after another, students raised their hands to ask questions and to answer questions.


In between, students watched, listened, agreed, and disagreed.


Students asked about favorite moments, favorite characters, and favorite language in the book.


We learned about creating a silver dollar simile book and a silver dollar word chart.


We wondered together if Shay would ever change the way she treats others. We talked about Travis and the type of brother he is.

We enjoyed visiting and discussing literature with Mrs. Gross’s class!  After our first Google Hangout, our class felt proud of our answers, intrigued by the questions, and motivated by the opportunity to “Hang-out” with others so far away! Thanks to Google Hang-outs, we made a connection and began building literacy relationships beyond our classroom. We simply cannot wait to meet again! Thank @Mrs.Gross!


One thought on “Hanging Out Discussing #GRA15FIAT

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