#GRA15 Challenge – The Chicken, a Wolf, Some Grain and a Problem

Before we sat down to hear about Mr. Daniels next challenge, we gave it a go!

Here is the original copied from Chapter 37, @Lynda Mullaly Hunt‘s book Fish in a Tree.


This was not an easy task. Just like the characters, students were frustrated and confused.

   IMG_1975 6 IMG_1973 IMG_1972 3 IMG_1971 2

Some persevered, and with a little guidance figured out the challenge.

Click on the below picture to take a look at Lydia explaining the process.


I’m not going to lie – setting up the challenge, watching them challenged, and observing the “Ah-ha!” moment was fabulous, but something bigger happened. Today, our class was able to connect with Mr. Daniel’s class. We felt their frustrations and understood the complexity of the problem. We wanted to give up. For a few minutes, we understood how Ally feels every time she is asked to read. However, she continues to try to overcome the obstacles in her path. She tries to ignore the meanest girl in school. She tries to build relationships with the kinder and gentler students. She continues to try to make sense of language.

Will she persevere? We cannot wait to find out!


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