#GRA15 – FIAT Fish in a Tree

We have been embarking on quite an opportunity! Together with Mrs. Michelau, we have joined 500,000 other students around the globe to read together! Together we will enjoy, Fish in a Tree, the story of Ally who will, with the help of two friends and a gifted teacher, find her way. Last week, we prepared by learning… Continue reading #GRA15 – FIAT Fish in a Tree

The Ease of Turning the Silver Key

Imagine the glass building stretching to the sky, not unlike the elevator Sophie rides to enter the North Pole after receiving an invitation from her Auntie Claus.Yes, Auntie Claus offers Sophie a silver key, and with a turn, an elevator thrusts Sophie towards the North Pole. Auntie Claus is a must read as the holidays roll… Continue reading The Ease of Turning the Silver Key

Silver Sparkles, Coffee, Creativity, Journal, Journey

This week included conferences with 24 sets of parents,  a little visit with Hope, and the exploration the Library Journal website. Following the twenty-fourth conference and a beautiful four-hour drive through colorful midwest, all Murk students settled down to a Lemonjellos coffee, opened laptops, and focused attention to course materials. It goes without saying that… Continue reading Silver Sparkles, Coffee, Creativity, Journal, Journey

Sweet Findings

Symbaloo What a fun English word! The idea of investigating this resource hibernated for six months before actually entering the mixes of interactive, organizational Symbaloo! Last spring, I happened across this website through the Van Meter Elementary Library website. At that time, Shannon McClintock Miller managed and wrote The VanMeter Voice. Her expertise caught my… Continue reading Sweet Findings

Booklist … and lists… and lists… and list… and then these

Short on patience today, I was looking forward to navigating through a new resource that captured my attention and spoke volumes upon opening. The truth is far from that. Booklist‘s extensive information leaves no room for ease in navigation. What I found were incomplete reviews of books that I would love to read – or… Continue reading Booklist … and lists… and lists… and list… and then these

Tech Tracker – I’ve Come a Long Way, Baby

One day of tracking technology — I am so surprised by the amount of technology I used one Thursday in October. It’s especially surprising because the electricity at school went out and the AT&T connection at home was broken for 7 hours. No matter, Izzie had a paper to complete, Owen had a document to… Continue reading Tech Tracker – I’ve Come a Long Way, Baby