Global Read Aloud and Commenting

Today we began practicing for next week’s new adventure, The Global Read Aloud! This summer I met the creator of The Global Read Aloud, and she, Pernille Ripp motivated me to be a better literacy teacher everyday! She inspired me to join the tribe of students and teachers! Therefore, we will be participating in a blog with… Continue reading Global Read Aloud and Commenting

Visiting Around Town

I love visiting the peaceful setting of the suburban Crystal Lake Public Library. The two-story building welcomes patrons with an information desk immediately followed by several computers. Further from the entrance, but centered on the first floor, the reference triangle serves as the hub of the library. All first-floor patrons pass around the triangle as… Continue reading Visiting Around Town

Going Places UDL

Quite often the curriculum combined with standards resembles the beginning of the children’s book, Going Places (Reynolds, 2014). In this story, when presented with the school go-cart competition, all students build and wire their own go-carts. The school delivers several kits to  the student body. To be fair, every student received individual boxes of exactly… Continue reading Going Places UDL