Blog Reading – Woot, Woot!

There was a point in my lifetime when researching any topic was limited by my proximity to the resources. Driving to one library or another library to locate a specific title, a novel, primary sources, a newspaper article, or a professional journal’s latest findings. Through technological advances a new researching technique emerged in which information… Continue reading Blog Reading – Woot, Woot!

Digging into School Library Journal

School Library Journal’s vast array of resources and interesting articles captured my attention such that I have found myself wandering back to explore other areas. Working my way across the centered menu, I found applicable topics under each category. This resource promises to offer me a wealth of information as I begin constructing ideas to… Continue reading Digging into School Library Journal

Reviewing That Not-So-Average Monday

Wow, today marks more than the halfway point.The more than halfway mark to through the week, to the next week, or to completion of the last week. Just a blink ago, I sat mulling the words I wanted to share describing the eager anticipation as a new adventure begins. My mind swirling with excitement, I… Continue reading Reviewing That Not-So-Average Monday

Finding Little Inspirations Towards Perpetual Motion

I am an avid, but moderate cyclist. Perhaps, I should reconsider this title. During the summer, my bicycle logs nearly fifteen miles daily. To some that may seem too little to call myself a “moderate cyclist”, but it’s not the miles, the distance, or the speed. The adrenalin and rush of enzymes drives an inner… Continue reading Finding Little Inspirations Towards Perpetual Motion